Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices

Get to know Serverless from square one!

The Serverless architectural style empowers you to rapidly create scalable and cost-effective applications without the overhead of managing servers. It eliminates infrastructure management tasks such as server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning. This session will take you on a guided tour of serverless terrain and get you building your own serverless solution on your favorite cloud providers like AWS, GCP and AZURE.

You will get to know:

Foundational knowledge to architect Serverless Systems

Capabilities of the popular Serverless Platform

Best practices for developing Serverless Architectures

Serverless Patterns and Architectures

Platform Providers and ecosystem of services and tools

Security, Cost and Economics of Serverless Solutions

Serverless Application use cases

By the end of this session, you will have the knowledge needed to start designing serverless systems.