Evelyn van Kelle

Strategic Software Delivery Consultant @ Xebia

Trying to make sense of the socio-technical mashup that is called software development

Evelyn van Kelle focuses on the interplay between technical issues and social dynamics. She believes that the world of IT becomes exponentially stronger with sound communication, and that we tend to mistake organizational issues for technical problems. If we understand how social dynamics and heuristics are affecting both our systems and systems of work, we can become the social-technical developers that the world (really) needs.

My Sessions

EventStorming; Continuous learning between multiple disciplines

The way agile software teams gain knowledge about what to build is either by the product owner or business analyst serving as a proxy to domain knowledge. Domain knowledge usually ends up as second-hand news in either functional design documents or as user stories in some scrum tools like Jira. Second-hand knowledge is a problem […]

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