Hans Boksem

Hans Boksem is an innovative and ambitious IoT (Internet of Things) integration Architect working on IoT innovations for customers integrating components within the IoT ecosystem ranging from devices, networks, IoT platforms (like Azure IoT) to business applications. As IoT Guild lead Hans is leading a team of IoT specialists not only in gaining knowledge and competence but with business in mind.

He is able to assist customers with defining and setting up a solution, translate the requirements into projects and the implementation of these projects. Hans is able to fulfill the role of both (IoT/Mobile) Integration Architect and Project Manager.

He reflects on choices, is flexible, can handle stress and has a great sense of responsibility.

My Sessions

Workshop: Connect industrial-IoT devices to the cloud using Azure IoT Edge

Workshop Area

You want to introduce IoT in your company but your devices cannot reach the internet? Or you want to limit the amount of data sent to the cloud? Or … Azure IoT Edge makes it possible to solve these issues together with Machine Learning, Cognitive services, Stream Analytics, Azure Functions and more. It just runs […]

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