Pim Smeets

Consultant @ Xebia

Pim Smeets is a consultant at Xebia giving strategic advice on software development. For Pim understanding the context of an organization (‘why do we do what we do?’) is key to making lasting changes: there is no one size fits all.

Creating high-performance teams does not stop at using techniques such as Continuous Delivery, TDD or BDD. It means producing high-quality software, in close collaboration with its stakeholders; adding real business value in small increments that can be automatically and securely released.

He believes in autonomously aligned teams by bringing together business and IT using collaborative visualization techniques, such as Example Mapping or EventStorming.

My Sessions

EventStorming; Continuous learning between multiple disciplines

The way agile software teams gain knowledge about what to build is either by the product owner or business analyst serving as a proxy to domain knowledge. Domain knowledge usually ends up as second-hand news in either functional design documents or as user stories in some scrum tools like Jira. Second-hand knowledge is a problem […]

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